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    E- Rickshaw spare parts Hub continues to enhance the top-notch quality and different ranges of products. With finely skilled team of engineers and high technology we assure the best quality to our clients and also serve them with our best after sales services.

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About Baba Baidhnath

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Baba Gold is a manufacturer of E- Rickshaw spare parts, E- rickshaw is having a popular mode of transportation for 10 to 12 years due to its affordable fare and ability to run without the usage of fuel, it also requires very little maintenance. As a result, spare parts markets are growing day by day in different parts of India. We have a strong client base and continuously grow our market with the help of continuous development and meeting client’s requirements and become one of the leading brands in e rickshaw industry. E- Rickshaw spare parts Hub continues to enhance the quality and range of products. With an extremely skilled team of engineers and top-of-the-notch technology, we ensure the best quality to our clients and also assist them with our after-sales services.

E- Rickshaw spare parts Hub is one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of all types of spare parts for E Rickshaw or Battery Rickshaw based in India. We are offering all types of spare parts used in electric rickshaws, each and every spare part is of superior quality. For maintaining the quality of these spare parts, we choose reputed vendors for the supply of raw material,s and furthers these are manufactured by highly skilled staff with the use of modern technology.

OEM E- Rickshaw spare parts

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Working with original equipment manufacturer spare parts can save the company’s time and effort . Instead of developing and manufacturing a component, a business can simply acquire someone else’s design and leverage their expertise and support organization to benefit their own product. Original equipment manufacturer relationships enable a business to focus on their core competencies. it understands the unique needs of its customers, offering advanced notification of lifecycle events, product customization, and third-party integration

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We Build long-term relations with our esteemed customers and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology. E- Rickshaw spare parts Hub is one of the well-known names in the Electric Rickshaw industry for supplying A-Z variety of superior E Rickshaws Spare Parts. E- Rickshaw spare parts Hub feels feelings of pride in promoting the cause of eco- friendly environment.


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Baba Baidhnath Trading Company

Baba Baidhnath Trading Co is a pre-eminent company that manufactures E- Rickshaw spare parts and deals with original equipment manufacturers. Baba Baidhnath Trading co is a company which is established in 2013. The main motto of the company is mouth-watering prices in top-notch quality. The thought of spare parts of e- vehicles came to mind to make the world more eco-friendly with EVs, the main thought was if we can sell electric vehicles why not then spare parts of the e- vehicles? We came to the market with a boom and still continuing the race from other competitive companies.

This company first started in Bengal and then the company made their hands together to make the brand Baba Baidhnath Trading Co pan India. Baba Baidhnath Trading co made India proud by its name, it signifies the power of the divine which gives a zest to continue the business and make a red cherry on the cake to the market.

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