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Baba baidh nath trading co company is a spare parts company of e- vehicle, this is the company where the mind full of eco-friendly thought have alltogether made the world more greener and eco friendly. It is a thought to step towards the Evs world for lowering down the usage of petrol vehicle. Our company baba baidh nath trading co is a key towards a eco-friendly world with their top notch quality of spare parts.

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Spending money to save time clearly offers the potential to improve your work, but so does saving money and allowing time to work its magic and key to increase a business in top notch.


Low-cost items generally refer to products that are priced at the lowest possible price point. some of the company like us, make a product with low cost and high quality and always offer the best value top quality.


When selecting the best delivery services near you, to ensure that our customers do not face any trouble,These rates may vary with the services offered but the ideal way is to choose the one best suited for you.


After-sales service is the support we give  to our customers after they’ve purchased our product. It might include an onboarding period, extended customer support hours, our aftersales service is the best service you will ever get.


A warranty is a guarantee of the integrity of a product and of the maker’s responsibility for it. In a sense, guarantee is the more general term and warranty is the more specific.


Reliable is the quality of being trustworthy and performing consistently well. Reliability is considered to be a soft skill. To be reliable means to complete tasks on time, every time with the same high quality of work. our company is always in loop for reliability.

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Baba Baidhnath Trading Company

Baba baithdyanath is a pre-eminent brand of spare parts of e- rickshaw, under the most prominent brand of e- vehicles“big bull”. Baba Baidyanath is a company which is established in 2013. The main moto  of the company is to give quality product which is value for money. The thought of the spare parts came from our own brand big bull , the main thought was if we can sell electric vehicles then why not the spare parts of the e- vehicles? We came to the market with a boom and still continuing the race from other competitive company. This company firstly started in Bengal and then the company made their hands together to make the brand baba baidhnath pan India. Baba baidhnath made India proud by its name, it signifies lord shiva who gives power to continue the business a cherry in the cake to the market.

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