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Our Baba Gold Spare Parts

Baba Gold Spare Parts for OEM

Spare parts are the root of the Vehicles and we deals with Baba Gold spare parts which specially focused with the Electric vehicles segment we manufacture and deliver all the E- Rickshaw Spare Parts to all Original Equipment Manufacturer all over India. If any one get in touch with us, they will admire with our spare parts products and will able to make their own Brand. The quality and the margin of our products make us more comfortable in this EV sector. E- Rickshaw made from our spare parts is amazing and will fit for the long race and allow customers to invest in your brand. Get started with us and explore our Baba Gold Spare Parts

All E- Rickshaw Spare Parts

E- rickshaw controller


This is the brain of the whole e- rickshaw, which controls the whole system of the EV. It operates between battries and motors
1000W 50AMP
E- rickshaw Convertor


Convertor mainly controls the electric parts of the e- rickshaws which is having 12 volts, like wiper, radio, camera etc. .
15 AMP
E- rickshaw T-set


Its Hold the E-rickshaws Front Handle and supports the vehicle.
3 KG
E- rickshaw Alloy Wheel

Alloy Wheel

Help to improve E-vehicle rides and manage to handle
Common sizes range from 15-20 inches in Diameter
E- rickshaw motor


This controls the mileage and the speed of the e- rickshaw. It is heart of the electric rickshaw, if it stops the whole system will be stuck.
55 Magnet
Long Wire
E -rickshaw led display

LED Display

There are different ranges of led display which are 48/68/72 volts, It provide illuminating information to the driver Like Charge, Speed and other functions
E- rickshaw Diffrential


It is the rear axle part of the vehicle which holds rear part of e-vehicle. Main property distributing power between the wheels.
33" and 35"
E- rickshaw Shocker


Proving a comfortable ride for passenger and protecting a vehicle from damage
Chrome Spring
E- rickshaw Iron Rim

Iron Rim

Helps to manage and handle the E-vehicle
Common size range from 10-15 inches in Diameter
E- rickshaw Butterfly


It is the front part of the e- rickshaw which holds the whole beauty of the EV. This is the main part of E-vehicle which protects the front face of the vehicle
0.7mm Thickness
E- rickshaw Stepney Cover

Stepney Cover

This is the rear part of the electric rickshaw, which protects the spare wheel of the EV for making it long lasting. It is used to protect Spare Wheel of the vehicle, from dust, dirt and other enviormental factor
0.7mm Thickness
E-rickshaw Back Pannel

Back Pannel

Back panel is located in the rear side of the electric rickshaw where the six lights are situated , which enhance the beauty of the whole electric rickshaw. it keeps the rickshaw in motion.
0.7mm Thickness
E- rickshaw Side Pannel

Side Pannel

Provide Structural support to the vehicle
E- rickshaw Iron Roof

Iron Roof

It play an important role in the design of e-vehicle, it is the shade of e vehicle which protect the whole vehicle from natural calamities
0.7mm Thickness
E- rickshaw Tyre


Wheels provide a means of affixing tyres to the e- vehicle in order to keep engine;s power to the ground.

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Baba Baidhnath Trading Company

Baba Baidhnath Trading co is a pre-eminent company which manufactures e-rickshaws and also supply spare parts of e- rickshaws. Baba Baidhnath Trading co is a company which is established in 2013. The main moto of the company is mouth-watering price in top notch quality. The thought of the spare parts of e- vehicles came in the mind to make the world more eco-friendly with EVs , the main thought was if we can sell electric vehicles the why not then spare parts of the e- vehicles? We came to the market with a boom and still continuing the race from other competitive company.

This company firstly started in Bengal and then the company made their hands together to make the brand Baba Baidhnath Trading co pan India. Baba Baidhnath Trading co made India proud by its name, it signifies a power of divine which gives a zest to continue the business and make a red cherry in the cake to the market.

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